Who Are Crazy Characters?

Invite mascots to your children’s party and see imagination come to life!

We have many amazing mascots available such as Boy Mouse, Girl Mouse, Famous YouTube, and Blue Hedgehog and many, many more!

Who is your favourite character? Contact Rebecca and she will guide you through all of our amazing mascots. Mascots bring favourite characters to your special events, delighting the kids through physical comedy, dancing, high-fives and hugs as well as fantastic photo and video opportunities. Mascots do not speak so as not to dispel the myth of the character. The children would otherwise become fixated on the differences of the artistes’ voices in comparison to the well known branded voices of the characters.

Mascots are a way of bringing the character to life for the engagement and wow-factor for children to be able to have their favourite characters present on their special day.

For enquiries and bookings, use our online Booking system. Alternatively, contact us on 07737193981
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Rebecca Forshaw

Rebecca is the owner and lead creative director, running the busines day to day and booking customers in.